Custom Cabinets


Bulldog Fence Inc. has numerous attractive and extremely affordable fencing systems available. This enables us to better accommodate each and every one of our residential client’s personal style preferences and desires while sticking to their appointed budgets. Regardless of your specific fencing needs or financial allocations, we guarantee that no other Spokane fence company offers as many beautiful yet inexpensive solutions in residential fencing. Our prolonged experience with fence installation and repair and our dedication to each and every one of our customers has made us the leading and most sought after fencing company in Spokane and throughout the Pacific Northwest!

Why specific fences for homeowners?

For the security, safety, and protection of all of our valued residential consumers, your pets, and your property, Bulldog Fence Inc. has many custom fencing styles specifically designed to better meet your needs. Each residential fence configuration we create has custom elements for specific situations. For example, some fences have smaller and narrower slots to keep small children and pets safe, while our attractive selection of privacy fences prevent strangers from seeing within. We at Bulldog Fence Inc., offer our clients a wide array of concepts to choose from. We have products in varying heights and colors, in steel, aluminum, iron, wood, and vinyl.

What To Consider...

Privacy – Are you looking to prevent strangers from seeing within your home or yard? If so, a taller privacy fence with smaller slats is likely the best choice for your situation. Not only will it block the view of passers-by but it will also help deter intruders.

Durability – Most fences are built primarily of either wood, vinyl, or metal. Wood fences can look gorgeous but often need to be pressure washed and re-stained or painted every other season or so. Vinyl is easy to clean but usually doesn’t hold up as well in harsh weather conditions as metal or aluminum fencing does. Metal fencing is by far the strongest of the three but doesn’t always have the same curb appeal that many wood or vinyl fences have.

Design – If the main reason for installing a fence around your home or garden is to give it a great new look, there are numerous possibilities! You can customize your fence in any way you choose to perfectly accent your property. Take a look at these fencing photos of attractive and inexpensive fence designs.

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