Fencing Options

Choosing fencing for your home or business can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. There are many types of fences to choose from and each has specific pros and cons.

Ornamental Metal Fencing

You can definitely add a feeling of elegant ambiance and a look of prestige to your property with fashionable yet affordable ornamental steel fencing.  Nothing on the market matches the elegance of well constructed steel ornamental fencing and to top it off, our high quality metal fencing is virtually maintenance-Free!  All of our metal fencing materials are finished with a Permacoat double coating seal to ensure a durable top coat that will stay maintenance free and look brand new for years.  Because metal fences are durable, attractive, and affordable, they are commonly used in residential, commercial and public construction projects throughout the Northwest.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are usually made up of horizontal slats which attach to vertical posts like picket fences. While highly attractive, this type of fencing does not offer much privacy due to the gaps between each of the slats.  Each vertical post is usually several inches apart from the next. These sturdy fences are used primarily to frame property lines while creating a decorative air of distinction.  Because wrought iron fences are set in concrete, and are extremely durable, they can remain standing for decades. These fences come in a variety of decorative sizes and styles.  Custom made wrought iron orders can also be designed to include gates or posts displaying letters, numbers, and/or symbols.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing offers the beauty and protection that traditional wrought iron offers, minus the maintenance. It is also available in a wide variety of styles, colors and heights that can create a look of prominence and add substantial value to any property. No other fencing material can do so much to enhance your home, recreational area, or commercial property with so little maintenance!

Standard and Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is also known by some as cyclone fencing.   This type of fencing is one of the most popular choices available due to it’s adaptability.  Chain link fences can be used for almost anything from light residential projects all the way up to heavy duty commercial fence applications. It is often the most practical style of fencing because it is relatively easy to install and very cost effective. Our Spokane Fence Center offers a full line of commercial chain link fencing products to meet your needs.  Most of our products are available for immediate shipping.  We offer galvanized materials and all color systems commonly used for ball fields, warehouses, and perimeter fencing.  We can also provide high security fencing to meet all government specifications, including non climbable mesh sizes as small as 3/8″.  All High security fencing is made to order. Standard residential chain link fencing usually measure about four to six feet high.  Check out our Fence Estimator for other popular heights and styles and get an absolutely free quote!  Or if you prefer, you can send us a list stating your needs and we will happily give you quote for your upcoming project.

Colored Chain Link Fencing

Many of our customers like to use vinyl coated, colored chain link fencing systems for a number of reasons.  Some clients on a tighter budget prefer to use this inexpensive form of fencing in areas that are less visible to the public so they can afford to spend slightly more on more decorative fencing in highly visible areas.  Others just appreciate the variety of color options when selecting chain link rather than using the more typically used galvanized variety.  Bulldog Fence Inc. has a large collection of high quality colors to choose from that are extremely durable and affordable.

Slatted Chain Link Fencing

Privacy fence slats can add both solitude and decoration to your otherwise normal chain link fence.  Slats are commonly used as wind screens or sound barriers around porches or can be used around other areas of your property requiring some shelter from both noise and nosy neighbors.  Slatted fencing can also help beautify chain link fencing by choosing colors that tie into your landscape (i.e. green shades for nearby shrubs, etc).  Slats are certainly a very inexpensive way to add color and privacy to your terrace.

Wood Fencing

Wood is the most popular type of fencing material used in the U.S. because, (depending on the type of wood used) it is one of the most inexpensive and manageable materials to build with.  Wood fences can be constructed at varying heights and look handsome with or without adornments or fancy colors.  One setback to using wood to build fencing, is the amount of maintenance required to keep planks from rotting and looking faded or worn.  The good news is, with all of the high-quality stains on the market today, it is much easier to keep wooden fences looking fresher, longer than in years past.

Wooden Privacy Fencing

Wooden fences can outline your property beautifully while turning your ordinary yard into a distinguished private retreat.  Bulldog Fence Inc. can deliver a quality built wooden fence that will not only be strong and durable but will also stand out from anyone else’s due to our devotion to quality craftsmanship.  Privacy fencing kits can be purchased in pre-assembled sections by anyone willing to take a drive to their local home repair warehouse, but we guarantee our fences will last season after season regardless of the sometimes brutal Northwestern weather conditions…Plus, you don’t have to do the work!  We use Postmaster steel posts on all of our wooden privacy fences that can withstand wind gusts up to 70mph!  With our affordable fencing options and commitment to low prices, you can now afford to have your very own private sanctuary!  With our 10 year guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences (commonly made of wood), were originally used by farmers to keep their livestock contained within the boundaries of their property.   Because split rail fences are fairly easy to assemble and typically don’t hinder views, they have become increasingly more popular with homeowners. These fences consist of posts that are inserted into the ground and two rails that are run horizontally between the posts. Though wood is the most common material used for split rail fences, they can also be constructed from vinyl, which gives homeowners the opportunity to choose specific colors that won’t chip, or need yearly maintenance.  This type of fencing would be recommended for customers who mainly want an ornamental style of fencing with a country/western ambiance.

Picket Fencing

This charming type of fence is made up of small boards that are spaced evenly apart with a small gap in between each picket.  The boards are attached to two horizontal planks and are tapered at the top.  Although most people prefer the traditional wooden “white picket fence”, more and more people nowadays are instead opting for vinyl picket fencing due to the lack of maintenance required to keep it looking fresh and new.  Pickets may be selected for fencing of a certain consistent height or they can be arranged in patterns of alternating heights for a more unique appearance.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is rapidly becoming more and more popular with home and business owners alike due to it’s durability, resistance to fading and warping, and endless design possibilities.  If you want an inexpensive, low-maintenance, fence that will last, vinyl is the choice for you.  Vinyl doesn’t chip, nor is it vulnerable to termites or carpenter ants. We at Bulldog Fence Inc., offer our clients vinyl fencing in many different colors and style varieties for all types of distinguished inclinations.  Whether you are looking for a privacy fence or just something to make your yard stand out, we can deliver with style!  Our complete line of Westech products are thoroughly tested for weather tolerance and endurance and are also backed by a lifetime guarantee.