Repairing Damaged or Aging Fences

As we all know, “Good fences make good neighbors”.  Most people want to keep their fences in good condition. That being said, it is relatively easy to take a few minutes each month to check your fence line and make sure it’s in good repair. Below is a list of common problems you may have and tips on what to do if fence repair is nessisary.

Examples of different types of fence damage.

Post is Damaged or wobbly

Broken Fence Post
First determine if the post has rotted away at the base.  If it is rotten, a new fence post will be needed.   If not, wooden posts can often be splinted to stay upright rather than being replaced by nailing 2×4 splints to every side of the weakened area.  If the post is still loose in the hole after placing it back in the ground, you can also hammer wooden stakes into the post hole along each side of the post itself, be sure while hammering that the post remains upright in a stable position. If the post still leans,  concrete may need to be poured into the hole to keep the post in place.  If however, your post is already set in concrete and is loose, we recommend calling Bulldog Fence. Inc. immediately.

Fencing is rusty

Removing rust from a fence is a a long and lengthy process.  We highly encourage you to give us a call instead of taking on a project of this magnitude by yourself.  We will be more than happy to give you some inexpensive ideas and options for repairing and/or replacing your existing fence.  If you don’t mind a lot of highly detailed, scrubbing, and hard work, there are several sites on the internet that can teach you how to do it yourself.  One of our favorite sites about how to fix rusted fences can be found at e-how

Fence is damaged or loose

Loose Fence
In most cases, your posts, planks or chain are salvageable you can easily reattach it back into place and call it a day.  If your posts or planks are splitting or rotten or your chain is cut it would be best to call us today to discuss how to repair them without damaging the rest of the fence.

Gate is sagging

Repairing a sagging gate can be either very easy or very difficult depending on the type of fencing you have and your accessibility to the necessary tools and materials required to make the repairs.  If you would like to try doing it on your own, click on the link below to view detailed instructions about fixing sagging gates.