About Bulldog Fence Inc.

Bulldog Fence Inc. is dedicated to providing the very best in customer service.  We offer our clients the longest and most comprehensive guarantee of any fence company in Eastern Washington.
Bulldog Full Body Left
Bulldog Fence Inc. is such named for good reason.  The English Bulldog, weighing an average of 50lbs, was developed by professional breeders in the 1500’s to be strong enough to take down a bull weighing up to 2,800 lbs.  Like the bulldog, our fences are built strong enough to withstand both time and harsh weather conditions.

The Bulldog Guarantee

Bulldog Fence Inc. insures customer satisfaction by always refusing to reduce the quality of our materials in order to cut our costs.  It’s our experience that both efficiencies of scale and our commitment to keeping prices down, make a difference by allowing us to provide you with quality materials at an affordable price.  We use the best fencing products available from suppliers such as Ameristar™ and Westech® to assure that you are afforded the highest quality fence components on the market.

Over the years, Bulldog has carefully invested in a wide range of quality tools and equipment.  This helps us to complete each job professionally, efficiently, and allows us to stay on schedule.  Most fencing companies are unable to measure up to our standards largely due to the lack of  sufficient equipment and products. Also, many of our competitors require that you, the customer, be responsible for ordering your fencing materials.  Our goal is to construct your fence quickly without you ever having to worry about a thing!

Bulldog Fence Inc., is in full compliance with all State and Local Licenses and Permits. We are Licensed and Bonded as required in the state of Washington. Washington State L & I Industrial Insurance covers all employees for workplace injuries. This protects you from any unnecessary risks.

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